Robinson Crusoe's story has fascinated generations. Maybe in our imagination we sometimes think about what it would be like to live on a small island, in the middle of nowhere, undisturbed by civilization, undisturbed by others. Like Tom Hanks in Castaway. Maybe we've sometimes wondered what to take with us to the desert island. Although there are countless magically romantic islands on the planet, let's try to develop this idea. Would we really like to live on a desert island? Without a single person around?

The word "deserted" no longer evokes pleasant feelings full of excitement in us. It may arouse a feeling of discovery and adventure in us for a while. But if we take inspiration from both of the above stories, these gentlemen did not particularly enjoy their stay. In addition to the practical hardships of basic survival, we were able to observe great longing and sadness for society. How excited Robinson was when he discovered Friday! How heartbreakingly Tom Hanks made Wilson out of a volleyball!

No one fell from the sky.

As children, we begin to observe the world thanks to others. Thanks to those closest to us. We learn how they behave in situations and how they react. And when we learned to speak, we also started to listen. We expressed what we think, how we feel, what we feel. And maybe we started to find out how nice it can be.

How good it is when someone else listens to us, when they react to us, when they share with us what we tell them, what we feel. We may have found how gratifying it is that not only do we get answers to our questions, but sometimes it is us who others ask and are interested in.

Loneliness is a punishment.

We are not fully equipped for solitude. We can have moments in life when we are alone, without others, and we don't mind. Maybe we sometimes need to run away from everyone and hide from the world. But naturally, in the long run, none of us is a loner. Whatever we experience on our journey alone, there will probably come a time when we want to tell someone. What we experienced, saw, felt. We need to connect with people and society, and share with others. Even the most stubborn prisoner returns from solitary confinement, damaged and traumatized.

A healthy relationship is about:

  • freedom
  • feeling
  • support
  • sharing
  • safety

Let's be together

The first thing we identify with is our name, where we are from, and our status. We talk about our parents, siblings, partners and children. One of the basic human needs is to belong somewhere and then to belong to someone. Each of us has some origin, some roots, and that shapes our entire personality. There is no living creature on the planet who does not express their desires, feelings and behaviors in a own form of communication. It is one of the greatest gifts we have. We have each other and the opportunity to be together.

So, let's not be an island. Let's watch, listen and ask.

Author: Veronika for Amy
Photo: Shutterstock