Do you want more time? Wait!

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Time only flows in one direction, and we will never get it back. And yet it is very accommodating. We have more ahead of us every day. We get up in the morning and the hourglass is full again. And it's just ours.

It doesn't matter where we come from or how rich we are. We all need it. We can do a lot over time. If we don't have it, we can't do anything. We can't buy it, nor borrow it, or keep it in stock. No one can take it from us, no one gets more or less. It is one of the greatest riches we have. We can only waste it today. We won't be able to waste tomorrow until tomorrow.

Hurry up and wait.

Some days can be divided into moments of hurry and moments of waiting. There may even be a direct relationship between them.

So, the more we hurry, the more often we wait. 

We hurry to work – traffic jam, we hurry to buy - queue, we hurry to the doctor - we end up in the waiting room. We are waiting for a colleague with whom we had an appointment. We are waiting for a phone call, for a green light, for the bus… It's like a thrilling match between adrenaline and boredom. And we watch in amazement as one of the most precious things we have drains away...


One of the most common sentences heard today is, "I don't have time." It is one of the biggest absurdities we can hear. After all, we have 24 hours a day! We have all day to take good care of those hours. To plan them so that we have enough left over for our own health, joy, satisfaction, mental growth, reputation-building and rejuvenation. If we want to stop fighting it and get it on our side, we need to stop. 

Time cannot be sought. You can only plan well.

Author: Veronika for Amy
Photo: Shutterstock