The child is not an adult. In an adult, the child is forever.

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When the Little Prince talks to the pilot in the book by Saint-Exupéry, who is talking to whom? The adult talks to the child while he is there alone! Only at the end of the book do we realize that this is an adult conversation with his former self as a child. How often do we talk to each other like that?

Maybe when we open a photo album, when we taste food from our grandmother, when we visit a place we know from childhood. Maybe our whole adulthood is about the desire to return the feelings and experiences of youth that brought us so many wonderful feelings. The grass was greener, the mountains higher and the summer warmer than today.

How to wake an inner child:

  1. Let's try to do some things "just because"
  2. Let's relax, play and have fun
  3. Let's look for the child in others

Genius loci.

"I used to come here as a child," we tell our children about places we knew and want to take them to ourselves in order to experience the same feelings we knew… Childhood should be a period of life we like to remember. It forms the cornerstone of the house we can call life. And it would be great if this stone was nice, solid and supportive. So, some nostalgia is in order. And it doesn't have to be annoying.

Childhood is about security. Youth about courage. Adulthood is about responsibility.

Maybe that's why we are so afraid of aging. We know how many days have passed, and we now worry about how many we have left. When we were little, this idea didn't concern us. Every day was new and everything was interesting. In adolescence, courage inspired us to try new and unknown things, to test our limits and observe the reaction of those around us. And we ourselves were immortal at the time! We did not have to find, build or strive for all the sensations that came. And yet these sensations are the ones we seek out as adults, and feel excitement at every association with our childhood, at least for a while.

Aren't we old enough to be kids?

That small child is still with us. Maybe we just started to ignore that kid, not listen to him, and even behave sarcastically to him. The only time we can still feel young is when we are with our own parents. They still see the little child in us. Yes, sometimes in a way that can upset us: “Do you still have to mother me, Mom? I already have my own adult children!” And it will never end, no matter how much we want.

But the little child in us is not just a cause for anger. It is an essential person for us as an adult.

If we look at the child we once were again, we see that child deserves to be loved. Because every adult should love children. So why not our own internal child? It's fun being with such a child! This child can make us laugh, relax and show us how interesting everything is!

In addition, that inner child in us can entertain not only ourselves, but also the people around us. And maybe it is because of our inner child that others love us. Thanks to the fact that we can still be children, in spite of our own serious adulthood.

Author: Veronika for Amy
Photo: Shutterstock