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We engage in most difficult struggles in life, whether in relationships and at work, with ourselves rather than with others. We may also have the experience that counselling others is much easier for us than counselling and understanding ourselves. Sometimes we also find that people answer the question of "what they are" with "let others judge". And this is a mistake.

Adjust your mirror.

At a certain age, it is we who should know ourselves best. In the best of times as well as the worst, it is we ourselves who we must rely on. Amy is one of the safest tools to find out and get to know what's inside us. Amy can set up a mirror and help us look into the layers of our personality. Amy's big advantage is her freedom and safety. She will help you with questions and does not criticize your answers. You control the tool and you can decide what to use it for. Amy looks at you as a new personality she meets. She's interested in you. If you work with her sincerely, she will honestly tell you who you really are.

Objectivity is not easy.

For any counselling professional, it is to some extent impossible to be absolutely objective. We are, after all, only human. And humans struggle with prejudices, sympathies and judgments. This will never happen with Amy. At the same time, contact with Amy eliminates the fear of the other person.

Most people have some concerns if they have to see a psychologist or talk to a coach. Concerns about the unknown, perhaps bad experiences from the past, may arise. Fear of being found to be a “bad person” can cause unease. This is natural and common. With Amy, this goes away.

Every answer given is yours and yours alone. And none are wrong. They're yours.

Conversely, you can find out what you excel at, what you rely on and where your own potential really lies. Amy even finds out how best to deal with it.

Partner in consulting.

Amy is not a tool that has answers without the input of humans. Amy evaluates and recommends. But at certain stages, Amy will never replace experts. The final verdict is always up to who works with the platform, be it a psychologist, a personality or an individual.

Amy may be a good prelude to therapy. Amy provides basic data and an objective view of personality. These results can be based on therapeutic sessions and can be used together with a therapist or psychologist. Amy will never replace a psychologist. Amy doesn't try. Her goal is to be a good tool that helps save time, speed up work with the client and gain a comprehensive view of the person. When further working with the client, the expert knows what to focus on from the results and what to discuss in the interviews. By saving 2-3 sessions per client, it saves time and money for both the client and the health insurance company.

Right hand for HR.

It's similar in human resources. Amy will definitely not replace the job of HR and recruitment. However, Amy will significantly help and simplify the selection of candidates. Amy speeds up and refines the evaluation of the candidate's qualities, thanks to a broader personality diagnosis. A good HR specialist also deals with questions about how to take care of employees who already work in the company, how to improve their working conditions and use their potential so that the company does not lose them. Amy can map these questions and suggest possible steps. Amy can recommend areas for development and change, and suggest positions where they will be even more effective.

Development begins with a complex personality.

Fast and comprehensive personality screening is simple with Amy. So far, there has not been a tool that can handle personalities like Talk2amy. There are a lot of diagnostics, psychotests and personality questionnaires, but they only determine a certain personality parameter. For example, motivation, communication skills, temperament. They measure only one part of the personality and do not consider the results of the interaction. Until now, there has been no tool that can compose a comprehensive result. Amy can do this.

How to develop with Amy?

  1. Let's see what's inside us.
  2. There is no need to fear criticism
  3. We can choose the path ourselves.

Author: Veronika for Amy
Photo: Shutterstock