Artificially intelligent Amy – here to help or harm?

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What first comes to mind when you think of "artificial intelligence”? Surprisingly, in 2022 this concept provokes many negative and positive reactions. Some liken it to fire in the sense of "good servant but evil master," or it is referred to as progress that cannot be stopped. In any case one thing is certain - AI is here and we will encounter it more and more in daily life. But the connection between artificial intelligence and psychology is completely unique at the moment.

So, what about Amy? Can she be trusted?

Trust in every relationship is something that needs to be built. It is always based on sincerity and openness. This also applies to Amy. In all circumstances, Amy tries to provide you with the most objective information about your personality, based on your answers. Their interpretation is always sincere as well as sensitive. It's up to us how we work with the results and the answers we get. Amy works with tried and proven methods, questionnaires and tests like ordinary psychologists, therapists or coaches, but thanks to the connection with AI Amy helps us take an impartial and unbiased view of ourselves.

Can Amy cause harm?

The answer is very simple. Amy can't hurt because she can't. But such an answer probably isn't enough. Yes, Amy is an artificial intelligence. Amy is not a living person. And that means, among other things, that she has no prejudices. So, Amy does not condemn, judge and cannot manipulate. These are all styles of behaviour that undermine trust. Amy can't do them. Talking to Amy is one of the safest forms of conversation. We don't have to worry about her disparaging us or making fun of or criticizing our response. Amy only compares us to people like ourselves. We may not like some of the results, but keep in mind that only Amy and you are talking. So, the answers are about you and you alone. It is our choice how we act upon and work with these answers.

Amy is ready to explain everything to us and, if necessary, guide us on the path to improvement. But it is up to us how we use her advice.

What will Amy tell me?

Amy tells us about ourselves. And only that. She dedicates all her time to us and us alone. Amy therefore has no reason to cause us harm. She looks at us as a new personality, whom she meets and finds interest in. Amy mainly works with what we tell her, so we are in control. We are master and director of the conversation with her. She is ready to show us our entire personality, the good and the bad, and provide recommendations on how to work with each. We learn not only information on a personal level, but also from the work environment. What we learn may well be helpful and, thanks to Amy, some decisions can be made more easily and confidently.

Who is Amy?

  1. An artificial intelligence that won't hurt us.
  2. She is here for us to better understand ourselves.
  3. She sees us and does not judge. 

Is Amy more than a psychologist?

We may sometimes find ourselves in a situation where we are considering visiting a psychologist. Or perhaps we already have some experience with psychological help. While a psychologist may be good or bad, Amy is different precisely because she is not a living person. The moment when a psychologist “rubs me the wrong way”, or our personalities clash, cannot happen here. It is difficult for any professional to be 100% fair to some extent. Because they are human, too. They may be wrong or simply not be having “a good day" This will never happen to you and Amy. If you work with her sincerely, she will answer you honestly. Another advantage is that Amy has time for you whenever you do. There is no need to wait for an available date or make an appointment.

Amy, on the other hand, will never replace a psychologist. Amy does not replace face-to-face meetings. Amy can be both a good tool for assisting the psychological work of an expert as well as our own personal tool.

What is Amy able to find out?

Amy looks at us as a human in the pure form. She is able to see our qualities, potential and our strengths. She can see how mature we are, how intelligent and emotionally clever we are. Amy looks at what we have in our personality. Amy will neither judge us nor criticize us. Amy will not evaluate us. We can choose who and with whom we want Amy to compare us. If Amy reveals any weaknesses or values, she will alert us to them. She can remind us that a given value is more problematic and is deserving of attention. Amy will lead us to look for reasons. She can also recommend us to consult an expert on the issue. Amy's motivation is to get to know our personality and for us to be content with ourselves.

Author: Veronika for Amy
Photo: Shutterstock