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There is no day without development. Not a day goes by that we do not learn anything. We are always developing and learning new things about ourselves. Every day brings change. Thus, every day we develop, and perhaps even in ways we don't realize.

We are all original.

Most of us would like to not only get by but also succeed, either for ourselves or for the people around us. We are surrounded by our expectations, dreams and desires. This is why we are often judged. By work, by family, by friends. And time does not make it any easier for us. The pressure to produce results is relentless.

We subconsciously feel that our lives sometimes bring us back to who we are. We would like to change, but often have no strength left. And is change truly what we seek? Why actually?

Like most fundamental life questions, this one does not have a clear answer. I believe that everyone should take an active approach to their lives as well as to the people around them. And how to approach this is different for each of us.

Amy is here for us.

Reflections on who we are led to Amy being "born." Artificial intelligence that helps us see ourselves better. We created it to show us both sides of the coin of our personality. After that it's up to us.

Amy will help us find our way. Whether we are athletes, artists, top managers, or just someone who wants to work on themselves.

Only fools are in a hurry.

At that moment, we can work on those parts of our personality that deserve development. The moment of bravery when we look at our strengths and weaknesses, and appreciate them. This is where our journey begins. And while it's definitely not a short one, at the same time there's no need to hurry and try to change everything right away.

Personal development should start by understanding oneself and accepting who you are.

Answers to questions

Getting to know yourself is a process that requires openness, courage and self-confidence. The path is not a line on a map, but rather a set of questions and a search for answers. And it is in the answers where we find the sense of our lives. Amy is here to help us find some answers or remind us of them. And how we deal with them is up to ourselves and the people around us.

Author: Veronika for Amy
Photo: Shutterstock