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Understanding is essential for change and development.
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You will soon be able to use the full potential of Talk2amy for Individuals in your country. Meanwhile check out Talk2amy Lite with no registration and for free. In just 30 minutes you will get an essential insight into your personality and access to the core functionality of the platform.
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What Do You Get?

The most important.
You will learn who you are

You will see your personality as a whole. You will understand what shapes you.

Find your potential

You will find out what advantages you have, in which profession they could be used and in what you can develop further.

You will understand people around you

You will get to know how you interact with your loved ones.

You will understand your reactions

You will find out how and why you react to certain emotional situations.

You will understand yourself

Do the same situations happen again and again in your life? Do you want to develop in your private or professional life? Do you want to know what profession you are suitable for? With Amy, you gain insight into your personality and better understand yourself and your family and friends. Amy will give you a comprehensive look at your personality and explain what is behind the life decisions you make.


What do people say about Amy?

In short

Get to know the key features and meet Amy.

My personality

Who I am? Get to know your personality by talking to Amy.

My potential

Amy will help you to properly realize your potential.

My career

What kind of work is ideal for me? According to your personality, Amy will determine which job position suits you best.

My development

What can I develop further? Amy will advise you on what to focus on.


To understand a particular personality, it is important not only how that person sees himself/herself, but also how others see him/her.

My emotions

How will I feel in certain situations? Based on your personality, Amy will estimate the possible emotional response.


Ask our specialist how to understand your results and how to work with them.

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About Amy Amy for Individuals

Talk2amy for Individuals is for anyone who wants to get to know their personality better and further develop it in both private and professional life. Amy will show you psychometric results in a clear and simple way, without the need for professional education. This version allows non-commercial use of the Talk2amy platform by persons over 15 years of age. This subscription may only be available in selected countries.

Who is this version for?

Amy in Figures

Facts about version for individuals in brief.

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Professional profiles


Personal profiles


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See what Amy offers you.
Talk2amy for Individuals offers many features that will help you understand and work with your personality. You can find a comparison with the features of the Lite version here: Features Comparison (PDF)
A quick overview of what Amy for Individuals can offer you:

Initial Talk, Questionnaires, Questionaire Planing, Personality Feedback, Personality Insight, Personality Interpretation, Higher Detail Level, Personality Tendencies, Personality Match, Reactions to situations, Team Roles, Personality Uniqueness, Personality Changes History, Personality Development, Offline consultation with expert, Special consultation (on-line, in-place), Essential Reports, Asset Library, Interesting facts from psychology, Administration, Standard Security


One-time and available for everyone.

You will soon be able to use the full potential of Talk2amy for Individuals,
this version is not available in your country yet.

Meanwhile check out Talk2amy Lite with no registration and for free. In just 30 minutes you will get an essential insight into your personality and access to the core functionality of the platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What people usually ask.
Currently, the version is available only for individuals in the Czech Republic. We are working on other languages and regional availabilities. Individual EU countries will soon follow. You can also subscribe to our newsletter, where you can regularly receive all the latest news and developments.
Absolutely. We do not request or collect information that identifies you in any way. No registration is required. After starting, you can save a private key, which is just for you and which allows you to return at any time.
Lite will allow you to get to know the essential characteristics of your personality, but this is just the beginning of the journey. In the Full Version, you can start working with your personality more intensively. Find out what talents you have, what profession you are suitable for, or try to predict emotions in certain situations.

Whenever you decide, you can upgrade from the Lite version to the Full Version. All you have to do is to choose plan upgrade option in Lite and pay a one-time fee. Your data will be transferred automatically and you will be able to use the full potential of the platform.
Lite is just for one user. In the Full Version, it will be possible to invite the whole family & friends soon.
You probably have all that you need. Just a sufficient Internet connection and a standard Internet browser that is up to date. If you have special computer settings, you should rather refer to our GTC for consumers in chapter 3.8.