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You will soon be able to use the full potential of Talk2amy for Companies in your country. Meanwhile check out Talk2amy Lite with no registration and for free. In just 23 minutes you will get an essential insight into your personality and access to the core functionality of the platform.
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What Do You Get?

The most important.
Selection of candidates

Revolutionary technology allows you to get a more accurate assessment of applicants' personalities.

Employees development

Nurture your employees' growth and help them reach their goals and fulfill their roles.

Effective teams

Form teams where everyone can utilize their potential. Analyze the team as a whole or through its individual members.

Atmosphere & relations

You will gain invaluable insights into the dynamics of team relationships or the atmosphere in the company.

Create a better team

Teamwork is the cornerstone of any successful business. Finding and retaining the right employees is becoming more and more challenging. With Amy, you can easily identify the ideal team roles, potential and application of each candidate. Amy takes into account the specific needs of the team and the company as a whole, and provides predefined personality profiles as a model.

The talk can take place in an environment that you select yourself. Either in the company, or remotely and in private.


What are companies saying about Talk2amy?

In short

Get to know the key features and meet Amy.

Amy Explains

Take advantage of this unique feature and let Amy tell you what's most important about a particular personality.

Candidates and employees

Amy assists you in comprehending the individualities of people. Through initial talk, she outlines their personality characteristics.


Amy shows the unique qualities of the team, comparing each member and outlining their individual roles.

Selection of candidates

Amy carefully selects the perfect candidate for each role.


To understand someone's personality, it is essential to consider not only their own perspective, but also the perspectives of those around them.

Atmosphere & relations

Gain a deeper insight into the culture of your organisation and its teams. Uncover the dynamics of your teams and build stronger relationships.

See what's hidden

Utilizing essential and advanced tools, it is possible to gain a deeper understanding of data and uncover its hidden meaning.


Let our experts help you understand the results of your candidates and employees and how to best work with them going forward.

External Orders

Are you offering services that require you to work one-on-one with people? Create external orders for your customers.

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About Amy Amy for Companies

Subscription for Companies allows companies of all sizes to commercially use Talk2amy. It helps recruiters, HR professionals and company management to work effectively with human potential. This subscription focuses mainly on the general personality assessment and is available in selected countries only.

Who is this version for?

Amy in Figures

Facts in brief.

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Professional profiles +)


Personal profiles +)


Availability of results


Time to create subscription


Free trial period

+) Availability depends on the selected plan


See what Amy offers you.
Talk2amy for Companies brings you many features that will help you work faster with the personality of a particular person and the whole team. Some of the features only available in higher plans. You can find a detailed comparison of functions here: Features Comparison (PDF)


We have a plan for everyone.

You will soon be able to use the full potential of Talk2amy for Companies,
this version is not available in your country yet.

Meanwhile check out Talk2amy Lite with no registration and for free. In just 23 minutes you will get an essential insight into your personality and access to the core functionality of the platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What companies usually ask.
Currently, the subscription is available only for Companies in the selected markets. We are working on other languages and regional availabilities. Individual EU countries will soon follow. You can also subscribe to our newsletter, where you can regularly receive all the latest news and developments.
During the initial conversation, which usually takes between 20 to 30 minutes, you will get a comprehensive overview of the individual's personality. If you choose to use additional questionnaires, the time required will depend on the number of questions.
Yes. From a group of selected employees, the platform will help you to create a so-called intelligent profile, which you can later use to assess candidates.
After completing the essential questionnaires, it is possible to compare employee with the work profile and plan further development activities.
Talk2amy offers a wide range of professional profiles. Their number and selection depends on the plan you currently have available. It is also possible to create professional profiles. You can use the selected professional profile both for comparison with a specific personality and for assignment to a recruitment position. In the second case, you will find the best match from all candidates applying for the position.